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Solder resist in times of sustainability

To meet the demands of sustainability, the following aspects must be taken into account for new generations of solder resist:

  • Sustainable global product development
  • regional adaptations with regard to REACH
  • bio-based raw materials
  • CO2 reduction

Adjacent to this, new technical requirements regarding temperature-voltage resistance for e-mobility will be addressed in this technical lecture.



Albert Martinez
Huntsmann Advanced Materials (Schweiz) GmbH)

Albert Martinez studied materials science at UPC, UPL and LTU. He started his career in the electric mobility market with the development and commercialization of Charging systems for electric vehicles.

Since 2021, he has been working for Huntsman Advanced Materials as technical sales for the electromobility market (including PCB materials and thermal management materials for e-motors and batteries).


  • Flux and soldering paste
  • Recycling and environmental protection
  • Soldering