"Future Packaging" production line

Experience the "Future Packaging" production line exclusively at the SMTconnect. It is organized annually "live" on site by Fraunhofer IZM and reproduces the complete assembly process including subsequent test procedures. Live demonstrations will take place several times throughout the exhibition. Trade visitors can find out about technologies and discuss issues and challenges with experts in the field in the context of annually changing thematic focal points.

Review of the 2023 event

From a thematic point of view, the production line in the event year 2023 was all about sustainability and particularly highlighted those aspects of assembly production that are related to the ecological footprint.

In the area of tension between increased efficiency and responsibility towards customers and society, the criteria that a modern production line should fulfill in terms of sustainability and resource conservation was vividly demonstrated.

  • What - and where - would we be without trust in our business relationships?
  • Have we speculated in our supply chains?
  • Are construction elements and materials now the new toilet paper?
  • What are the ways out of the crises conjured up by all sides?

Cooperation based on trust also means openness. Can this be captured in contracts and verbal commitments? Or have we simply misused digitization in recent years? The 16 exhibitors at the "Future Packaging" joint booth at SMTconnect from May 9-11, 2023 in Nuremberg were dedicated to answering many of these important questions

Future Packaging 2023 - Full power of 16 technology partners