Trouble avoided

Product Compliance

Trouble avoided

Product compliance in global markets is a complex matter and shortcomings in this area can quickly become expensive. With the correct partner at your side you can avoid a considerable amount of trouble.

Product managers who have yet to address electromagnetic compatibility, product safety, climate behavior, mechanical stability, acoustics, wireless and ecology in their sphere of responsibilities should do so as soon as possible. The reason for this is that although these aspects represent the most widespread product compliance elements in the information and communication technology sector, they by no means represent the only ones.

In any event, product managers have to make sure that their products comply with the technical requirements (norms and standards) for access to the target markets where they are to be sold. To ensure this, usually a sample product with series status is tested and rated according to various standards associated with the planned use of the product. Test reports from an accredited laboratory or testing facility are also required in many cases. The requisite certification or manufacturer self-declaration can only be acquired based on these reports. In the European region, the CE declaration is required as a manufacturer's declaration for certain products. In other regions and certain product categories, different rules apply and reports have to be issued again by specific testing facilities or state-approved bodies in the country in question. Certificates can only be issued based on these approved test reports, which then allow the respective product to access the target market.

Although not every manufacturer or EMS service provider has an in-house testing laboratory, let alone an accredited one, they are usually familiar with the product compliance guidelines for the concerning product category and can therefore mitigate against damage. Although the product owner is not allowed to assign responsibility to the EMS service provider, they can use their experience and connections in the form of consulting, testing and approval services.

Practice has shown that using such services is worthwhile because, depending on the severity rating, product compliance infringements are expected to result in severe penalties. Primarily, the benefits of working with a suitable EMS partner extend beyond "simple" product compliance, along the entire lifecycle, to greater production flexibility, cost savings through better purchasing conditions, expert advice, and support for product testing and approval.

"Marketability cannot to be achieved through functionality alone, but by ensuring that products comply with the regulations in the target markets they are to be marketed in."

Raimund Landsbeck, Fujitsu


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